About Kayakoy

Fethiye's most beautiful towns , one of the Kayakoy , Fethiye -Ölüdeniz path , Hisaronu junction Kaya village, follow the signs , whether amongst the pine trees , a path to be found with or Fethiye castle back toward the south 7 km long route in mountain road travel edebilirsiniz.kayakö the , in the eleventh century by Greek Cypriots belong to the Lycian civilization " Karmylassos " founded on the city and the city's name " Levissi has been" .

Approximately 20,000 people lived in the village of the twentieth century until the beginning of its existence sürdürmüştür.30 in 1923 the Turkish and Greek governments and the peoples of the reciprocal exchange agreement , according to Levissi Kent who left the Greeks in sections Fethiye harbor from Greece emigrated . Things to share the same fate from Western Thrace Turkish immigrants , but fewer have been introduced.

Many of these immigrants in Kayakoy conditions disapprovingly , to other parts of Anatolia and around yerleştirilmiştir.kayaköy many ruins from the ancient period is available. In the north of the fourth century before Christ three sarcophagi , like the writings on the same number of tombs, in the region reaching from ancient times to the present day are among the most ancient ruins .