About Saklikent

Saklikent National Park Mugla province town of Fethiye and Antalya province pansion within the limits Eşen a lever located on the almaktadır.mill Park 's main feature , 1000-1100 m surface within the evolving and quite steep valley slopes with saklikent canyon is formed.

Canyon two basins extending between the Antesedan a property sunmaktadır.yöre of the small canyon to occur in the tectonic signs next to the caste formation plays an important role is seen that particular saklikent Canyon in some of the sections , karst tunnels to collapse of the canyon's formation contributed to the observed.

Such places of the valley slopes slightly toward each other, they are tilted in the opposite way and on the floor of the store with the presence of significant debris are separated from other parts of the valley .

Tectonically controlled with a geomorphological development of the region and especially in the vertical direction canyon saklikent tectonics have influenced the course of development and taking its present appearance has helped significantly in the Litelojik structure .

Forest Formation in the area of ​​the National Park Ponderosa pine (Pinus brutia ) , black pine ( Pinus nigra) and cedar (Cedrus libani ) occurs . They are in the field geomorphological on the steps where the elevation , respectively, shrubs , pine, larch and cedar is located in the canyon near the entrance, in areas Ponderosa prevalence showed , especially the National Park in the southeastern part 1000 mn on the zones larch, Dumanlıdağ and in the surrounding monumental cedar impressive delivers images also Aktez springs in the southeastern part of the bulbous plants ( those Sıklem ) is endemic in the field where they settled and raised their sahadır.

Mill Park , the National Park and gives its name saklikent Canyon attracts visitors with wild structure is worth seeing . In addition, the National Park located in the regions of high altitude plateau with development and social - cultural way of life as well as the natural beauty that nature has to offer visitors with unique values ​​form .

Dumanlıdağ should position the effect of the cessation of monumental cedar trees as well as impressive views of the sea cruise port to be opened due to noktalardır.fethi visitors do not need to stay in the town center of Kas town center can be made. National park located in the highlands of residential accommodation provided through interviews at the same National Park, the scene of the Organization deems appropriate temporary tents and caravans can be done in the field .