About Fethiye

Fethiye bay Mendosa the name given in the foothills of the mountains around the city is settled in a charming Mediterranean . 3 crash occurred in geological time , and with the rise of the high mountain ranges and slopes of the mountains and hundreds of bays in the Fethiye coastline gibidir.toros to embrace each other ' s forms the southwest end and the height of 2000m .

mountains exceeding this sequence (which in ancient times was given to them Kragos and Antikragos name ) to the inner parallel to the shore without a single passage continues. Mediterranean climate has a warm and sunny winter day, the cord in the tea garden in one of the while sipping tea , skirts pine forest adorned with per- fumed these mountains, peaks in the snow you once again to paradise welcome will say .

Dry, long, hot summers, rainy and short, warm winters are climatic characteristics of Fethiye . A temperature of 30-40 degrees in the summer , winter is usually over 10 degrees . No season 16 degree fall below these turquoise-colored waters of the year in the nine months to the sea can be entered , given in Fethiye summer and spring only two seasons took to say that the wrong olmayacaktır.yöre in the prevailing climatic characteristics in the area due spruce , larch and red pine , consisting of pine forests, large is space .

Olive , laurel , Mersin , Sycamore, Poplar, Acacia lush vegetation such as trees can consider this one of the other tree species . In addition, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries an important area of ​​use that frankincense oil is obtained sweetgum ( Liquidambar Oriantatis ) world to his wife rare tree species arasındadır.yaklaşık 10 million years, the generation that maintains the ice ages, prior to today which these plants on earth just Fethiye and Koycegiz regions in California with a small yetişmektedir.tanr which he donated to the nature of this natural and historical heaven land, air and sea can reach any one of the ways you wish .

Mugla , Antalya and Burdur road with three of pine forests with a comfortable journey you make can go to Fethiye . In all three directions of the regular bus connections with all the other cities of Fethiye provides . 50 km to the nearest field of air transport . Dalaman Airport is at a distance .