About Oludeniz

Fourteen kilometers from Fethiye Ölüdeniz a path extending between pine trees and then you go , facing with the blue of the sea . Here BelcekIz walk in the dark and put beach you will see the beauty of Ölüdeniz . Not a single ripple in the Dead Sea and the floor covered with beautiful white sand ... Sand yosunsuz refracted light is reflected in the beauty of the turquoise colors ....

Dead Sea coast extending up to the green pine forests and blue, and purple shades can see the warm sea , long sandy beach with all the beauty Considering sergiliyormuğla town of Fethiye, which depends on the Oludeniz district, 82% of the vote in the world in 2006, the world's most beautiful sandy beach and to select the right kazanmıştır.turizm terms Ölüdeniz wide range of opportunities during the Lycians land of sun and light , the distant lands in the Middle Ages was called .

Located in the formation of the Teke Peninsula is one of abalone. Oludeniz lake resembles a kind of stormy Belcegiz floundering in the Dead Sea coast with waves just flapping occurs. How quiet it may seem Oludeniz without visibly every day because of three sebepd yeniler.birinci Ölüdeniz itself present in source water from the open sea towards the bottom with output constitutes a discharge . Cute salt water generated due to the difference in and out of the sea state is constantly circulating .

The third reason tidal effects the sea , on average, once every three days with half a meter is raised and lowered .

Ölüdeniz How to Get to the town both land and sea, can be reached by both airlines . Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Fethiye district of such centers is a regular bus service . The resort is also just an hour from Dalaman Airport . It is 12 km from Ölüdeniz . There is regular transport facilities in the resort of Fethiye .

What happens in the Dead Sea ? Borough qualified , many hotels, hostels , and camping is available. All kinds of sea sport can be done in town safaris, mountain climbing , hiking and rafting facilities with Babadağ altitude of 2000 meters from the " Paragliding " and the ability to hop in the vardır.ölüde Belcekız in diving agencies and günibirlik and weekly tours they organize . This tour is possible to get certified to dive with .